My Style

By nature, I am calm and relaxed and can support those who are shy in front of the camera (with personal experience).


During our shoots, I pride myself on being unobtrusive. This means the little, intimate moments can be captured as they happen, hopefully bringing some laughs also! This also helps to create natural photo's, bringing all aspects of your loved ones' personality to life. Our photo shoots will be on location.

My aim is to give you images that you will love and each will have their own little story to tell. 

My Background

Family, pet, event photographer

My story actually started in a little village in Essex. By nature, I'm a pet lover, sport lover and coffee lover. By personality, I'm quiet, self competitive and just trying to be the best person I can be. 


When I have the opportunity (and not out hiking), I play a bit of football and badminton, with a little bit of athletics training in the mix. Outside of sport, I'm try to keep up to date with what's happening in the world, and of course work full time. Other than that I'm always out and about. There's never a dull day and since being young, I've had the gift of always finding a way to stay busy.

My passion for photography started on a little platform called Youtube - and not on the photography pages either. I noticed that video's often had images of dramatic coast lines, beautiful starscapes and even something touching surrealism. I was always amazed at this, and wanted to see how to do it myself. 


With this inspiration in mind, I asked for a camera for my birthday (having never touched one before) and took off to Snowdonia, because who wouldn't? Also, Essex is very flat, and I did get lost whilst exploring the mountains.


Since then, I've taken it everywhere and after moving to Manchester, that's where I feel my photography really took off. I have explored landscapes, urban, family and pets photography, wedding photography, events photography and more. I have also worked with local businesses and music artists to help create products for promotion.


What I enjoy most is being able to tell a story where you are able to share little, special moments. This includes when that person is deeply engaged in the conversation, the look of pride and relief of achieving something you've worked so hard for, and even that look of disappointment when you didn't give your pet the treat they so desperately needed. I try for photo's to feel natural and candid, matching the mood of the setting. Each have their own story to tell and being able to share them are what makes photography feel special.

I hope you got a little feel for me. Please do drop me a message either by email or the comment boxes for any question.